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I whistled while I worked, until I could work no more. I whistled while I went postal and blew up the store.

All of us here at Trunkluv value your patronage. Please continue to hold, and your IM will be answered in the order in which it was recieved. Thank you.

I have left the star-ship Enterprise for an away mission to the planet of tall, tan, muscular Swedish straight male hairdressers. Set phasers on "stunning"!

J'effectue le travail. J'utilise la toilette. Je mange. Bruits plus romantiques en franšais, non? @}----}----

Je suis dans la salle de bains. Laissez un message. Je me laverai les mains. Je suis propre.

Ahh, kamisama! Watashi no atama ni ono ga arimasu!

Issho-ni yoake no koohii nomanai?

It is only with one's heart that one can see clearly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.
The Little Prince

Ride a barrel down the falls
Cook spaghetti with meatballs
Really make your friends amazed
Nuke it with some gamma rays
Fly to Venus in a rocket
Put your finger in a socket
You may suffer from exhaust
But none of that energy is ever lost!

Restless, depressed, constipated? Bottom fallen out of your world? Take a glass or two of Andrews, and watch the world fall out of your bottom.

All Your Base Are Belong to Us....

Actual conversation:
me: Making some copies?
enrique: Yup.
me: I hear that.
enrique: Can you actually hear that?
me: Well, I am sitting right next to the copy machine.

DECEMBER: Here is a list of things I recommend:
1.Read books. Not "deep" books or "meaningful" ones. Read them all. Try to read as many as possible. Varied knowledge is more valuable sometimes than specialized.
2.Eat marzipan.
3.Buy an overstuffed featherbed and sleep on it. Especially when you're feeling blue. Cuddle up to someone/thing special on it.
4.Go in the hot tub.
5.Dance around your room naked like a complete fool. Go nuts. Let it all out. Forget who you are, what you're supposed to be and shake it.
6.Laugh. A lot. Laugh at the obsurd which people take for granted. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at animals. Laugh with children.
7.Hug someone. Right now, grab the nearest person.
8.Love your family even when they piss you off.
9.Be a little responsible and a little reckless and a little laid back and a little caffinated and a little smart and a little confused. Be a little happy and a little sad.
10.Give a homeless person your lunch.
11.Remember that your body is a temple.
12.Sing at the top of your lungs, and don't give a crap what you sound like or who can hear. Sing in the crowded subway car. Sing to a baby. Sing in the car.
13.Do something that scares you. Then be proud you did.
14.Sleep with something soft and furry, no matter how old you are, comfort is an all age thing.
15.Pet the police-horse. Yes, they let you.
16.Shower with a friend. You'll conserve water and your back will never be cleaner.
17.Learn to play an instrument. You are not too old, and it's not as hard as you think.
18.Get drunk with good friends and talk and talk and laugh and laugh. Don't invite in the bad vibes. The only tears should be those of laughter.
19.Remember the feeling of your first kiss. It doesn't matter how it ended, that was a special moment.
20.Write a letter. On paper, and send it with a thirty-four cent stamp and even perfume it, or send a penny for someone's thoughts. They will love the thought behind it.

Around Christmas
Nothing new to report. I've been spending all my free internet time on Everything2 because it kicks ass. OK, maybe there is news. I graduate on Sunday, with my undergraduate bachelor degree. It's pretty scary, and I'm still in denial of the whole thing, even though I have a cap and gown in the backseat of my car.
I feeling a little weird. It doesn't feel like it right now, but there is a huge amount of time in my life freed up by the absence of homework and classes. No longer bumming around Hofstra or having twice a week lunch with Dave is a bummer, though.
Christmas is in the air, and I have too many parties to attend, and too many people to meet up with. I spent too much money. It certainly is a holiday of excesses. I wonder if Jesus approves?

New Year's Day

On this, the dawning of a new year, I ruminate upon all of the things I would have done differently, given the chance...

1.I would have given Gary those scripts...in a timely fashion.

2.I would have broken up with Paul on this day of last year.

3.I would have quit smoking sooner.

4.I would have found a differen job.

5.I would have started sending out short stories earlier for publication.

6.I would have been a little more daring when it came to trying out new relationships.

7.I would have made new friends and better kept the old.

8.I would have forgiven a little more and been angry a little less.

9.I would have saved more money.

There is plenty more...but to list it would take forever, when, in reality, I'd probably just go back and do everything exactly the same. It's always the way. :)
Party hearty, but stay safe! Don't drink and drive, unless you're drinking soda.


Leaves... oh! But of course the best
thunderstorms ever EVER were in France,
as a kid in my parents' caravan. Both leaves
and a tin roof at the same time. Parked
in the forest, the water hitting the
leaves, and as what little wind there
was shifted, the roof would get the
drips from the leaves, or the direct
drops from the sky... hard little 'drip!
drip! drip!', or the gentler pitter
patter punctuated by the occasional 'DROP!'
-[call] on the sounds of rain; I have
never heard anything more lovely.

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