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Littlecar, we hardly knew ye!

It all started around May of 2000, when I found
out that Opa had purchased a brand spankin' new
Outback. I casually inquired as to what he would
be doing with his old car, a little blue Galant.
Turned out, he was going to give it to my uncle,
Antonio, but, when I expressed interest, plans
changed and we prepared for the ol' switcheroo.

And then we waited.  And waited.  Inside every
shiny new Galant is a computer. And it happens
that 1990 was a dual-model year, which means 
in the second half of the year, another Galant
was fashioned that had minute differences which
made many parts incompatable in model I and model
II. There were plenty of the other kind of
computers laying around junkyards, but none of
the sort I needed. The part new cost $1500, so
that option was a no-go.

And we waited. Etc.

Finally, the mechanic found a computer and 
we sold the Shagwagon!
It was a sad day when Mr.Brush put six hundred
dollars in my hands, but I had a new carbaby
to learn and train. The Shagwagon was out, and
Littlecar was in! After a good thorough
scrubbing, my new car was shiny and cleaner than
the Shagwagon had ever been.

Littlecar aka Ghettocar
Always check your oil. Always, always. You see,
Littlecar didn't have many problems. It did have
a propensity towards the tired blowing up (it happened
three times), but that's old tired, not the car. No,
the problem that made poor Littlecar an unviable
choice was a blown valve gasket. This
meant that oil was always leaking into the combustion 
chamber, which caused thick, creamy smoke to poo out
the muffler. Yummy!

To be continued. . . 

Truly, an inspired and BIG PIMPIN' piece
of Japanese automobile ingenuity.
Year Make Model Color BlueBook value Transmission
1990 Mitsubishi Galant LS Dark blue $2,300 Automatic

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