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The Shagwagon Memorial

Much, much later, in the land of Trunk
The Shagwagon finally found a home with a hunter. I sold it in the end for about $600...the memories are hazy now, as I've tried to repress them. I believe the man who bought it was planning on gutting the inside and using it to haul animal carcasses through the woods. Oh sweet wagon, how could I have let this be your fate? I took some B&Ws of it before it went, but nothing will ever replace it in my heart. It will live forever as beautiful and young in my memory. How I loved it! How I miss it... especially how cheap parts were (yay, america!)
The shagwagon has now found a temporary resting place in a gas station to be sold to the first person who will buy it. I can hear the stampede now! I'm hoping to get a small bit of cash for the almighty blue whale, but more than that, I hope for someone who will love it as much as I do. Someone who will lovingly armor-all it and vacuum the seats. I drove it for (what may be) the last time, and did a lot of thinking. The window might not have opened properly, and the steering may have had a lot of play, but the shagwagon was great.
Two years ago, my father bought me a car. Not just any car, the best car. A 1985 Ford LTD Country Squire Station wagon in robins egg blue with realistic fake wood trim. Interior? Blue, blue, with more blue. It had power windows. It was big. If it wasn't exactly what I was looking for it was still a free car. So I booked it down to Florida to pick up my big blue whale, and drove it back to New York. Sure, I got some flack from my less open minded friends, but were they laughing when it drove five people around with plenty of cargo room? Were they laughing when four of us moved our friend out of college in DC, along with all of his stuff? NO! My car has served me well. I never had many problems with it, except for occasional stalling in wet weather and it needed oil sometimes. It got me where I had to go, and with a comfy ride to boot. For those of you who have never owned a wagon, imagine looking in your rearview and seeing acres of space behind you. Imagine being able to move in and out of your dorm room in one trip. Imagine being able to haul a dresser inside your vehicle. I did all that and more. The shagwagon was a safe ride. I rammed that thing into a metal pole at thirty MPH on a rainy night. The pole fell over, and my bumber wasn't even scratched. Compare that to todays five mile per hour crash test ratings! New cars get crushed bumpers at five MPH, forget about thirty. There would be airbag deployment, no doubt about it. I didn't have a worry in the world in that car, driving around in pure metal bliss. Even with my slightly oxidized exterior, I still found the shagwagon to be beautiful. I never had a problem finding it in a crowded parking lot. It was a pleasure to wash and dry it, watching it glisten wet in the sun. The "wood" panelling was dry looking until I figured out that a light spraying of armor-all (imagine!) made it look young again. My car looked good empty and it looked good full. Cargo? Fuggedaboutit! I never had to open the back, I could just reach into my trunk. There were pockets behind the seats, and in the front doors, and secret spaces in the back. So much storage area in that beautiful thing. And just a word about travel. I took my shagwagon back and forth to Stonybrook for an entire summer, coming from 50 or so miles away. I drove it to Paul's house for the weekends of fun that I came to look forward to so much. I made my first drive without dad from Florida in that car. It drove in and out of NYC many times, it picked up Enrique and dropped off Dave. It got me to and from work. I will always love my first car, because it was my first car and because it was a present from dad, and because it was really great. It was the perfect new car, big, safe and old. It still runs, and I hate to give it up. I will search for the perfect home for my shagwagon, someone who will love it as much as I do.

Year Make Model Color BlueBook value Transmission
1985 Ford LTD Country Squire Baby blue $1,435 Automatic